Thursday, June 25, 2015

Notes from Travel Talk: Let's Talk About Group Travel

Operation Relax was so excited and proud to host our first ever travel talk on Tuesday June 16th. If you weren't able to make the meeting, we wanted to make sure you still got an abbreviated look at what was discussed! :)

Let's Talk About... Group Travel

- What is a group?
-- Open to the public or closed
-- Recurring or one time
-- Traditional or Flexible

- Always work with a travel agent!
-- Perks for leaders
-- Perks for group members
-- They take care of lining everything up
-- Knowledge of places that offer group specials

- Ideas and planning
-- Plan early (9-12 months)
-- Try to avoid having final payments due in December/January
-- Types of groups (including business, family, schools, special interest)
-- Group idea tree (see the Groups page on the Operation Relax website for a template and instructions)

- Executing
--Narrow your idea tree
-- Set it up with your travel agent
-- Start booking
-- Advertise

- Upcoming Operation Relax Trips
-- Mexico in August 2015
-- Alaska cruise in June 2016