Thursday, July 23, 2015

Notes from Travel Talk - Let's Talk About Our Favorite Places

This month's travel talk was an open forum discussion on our favorite places - basically, it was a type of "show and tell" and we exchanged stories on places we loved visiting.

The group was small but hearty! ;) Here are the two places we talked about:

- The Azores
-- are 9 volcanic islands halfway between Boston, MA and Lisbon, Portugal
-- have an incredible array of hiking trails, wildlife, and rural settings including mountains and lakes
-- more rustic than "resort"
-- have a great mild climate year round and are known for their great whale and dolphin watching
-- one of their primary businesses is growing tea and pineapple, and making flavored liquors

- New Zealand
-- has a small population overall (about 4 million) but most are located in Auckland
-- were originally settled by the Maori people from the Pacific Islands, not aborigines like in Australia
-- includes unique geographic settings, which can go from beach to forest to plain all within walking distance
-- more rustic than resort, but has some resort options
-- home to one of the world's greatest surfing schools
-- used by many popular filmmakers because of it's unique geography

Hopefully this sparked your imagination and added some new items to your "must visit" list!