Monday, May 7, 2012

The Value of Continuing Education

This last week I had the amazing opportunity to get together with a bunch of other travel agents and attend various seminars put on by fantastic vendors. I learned so much - and really overwhelmed myself at points! I attended sessions with such great vendors as Royal Caribbean, Funjet, Karisma Properties, Apple Vacations, and more.

That kind of experience is what makes me a better travel agent. I may not know everything about everything, but I am always willing to put in the time and money to learn more. It's also another reason why you should always consider booking through a travel agent, even if you choose to go with a competitor rather than me - we are here to help YOU. Your basic discount websites aren't here to help you, they are here to help themselves. There aren't any personal touches, and if something goes wrong you will be lucky to speak to a live person.

Travel agents, on the other hand, spend their time learning and working for YOU. We can recommend trips that will suit YOU personally, and are always willing to go the extra mile. Actually I take that back - 99% of us are like this. You may occasionally run into the 1% who aren't excited about what they do. But for the most part, we are all here to make your experience the best.

I know that most of you are probably not travel agents, but no matter what your job, you should always be willing to continue to learn and grow. It makes you better at what you do, and benefits your clients as well.

You may have noticed in my last post that I mentioned a contest through my Facebook page. It's just one more way I want to benefit YOU - rather than spending my advertising on some typical banner ads, I'd rather interact with you one on one in my Facebook page, so I'm spending those dollars to directly benefit YOU! One of you will win a $10 gift card just by "liking" my page. No gimmicks, no "click here and then be redirected through a bunch of advertisements," no popup ads. Just a simple, straightforward way to get to know you and to allow you a chance to win. If you'd like to learn more, click here to go to my last post.

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